About Us
We (Pete Little and Stephen D'Aulby) purchased Thué in 1990, 'The Mill' (as we refer to it) part of the old water mill had just been renovated and was ready to be used straight away, however the remainder of the huge old building was still in disrepair. Some seven years later we took unpaid leave from our day jobs (Data Networking Manager & Chartered Structural Engineer) to renovate this part of the mill to what we now refer to as 'The Wheelhouse'. The renovation work  was carried out over a five month period with the aid of local builders, the following year the small kit swimming pool was replaced with a large above ground fixed pool. Each year the aim is to improve Thué in some significant way, as such we have a large proportion of regular visitors amoung our clients each season. The main project for this year has been the relatively modest task of greatly improving the grounds and lawn areas. We hope that should you visit Thué you will enjoy it as much as we have over the years.